Seam Welding Machine

Seam Welding Machine
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1. Suitable for wide range material seal
2. PLC/HMI easy operation touch screen , English Interface.
3. Quick, repeatable head adjustments for precision weld
4. Precise Temperature control, hot air heating up to 750 ' C
5.Arm length can be customized, 800 mm (standard), 1500 mm, 1800MM. etc
6. Available in hot wedge, hot air or equipped with both for optimal product production.
7. High Quality Imported components, Japan Mitsubishi PLC, OMRON, AIRTAC Pneumatic Parts, etc

Welding process:

welding process is single-sided welding double-sided molding,
Welding speed requirement ≥800mm/min
Welding torch shielding gas: Ar / 100%;
Shielding gas: Ar/100% (for back protection of electric water heater tanks).

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