We are committed to providing you with professional Mma Welding Machine solutions! Guided by the international and domestic markets, we will continue to develop and expand the scale of the company, improve the quality of Mma Welding Machine,Mma 250 Welding Machine,Mig Welding Machine products, and establish a complete quality assurance system and production management system. We insist that the quality standard of each product must be higher than the industry level to ensure that the product reaches a unified standard and quality.
Mma Welding Machine

Mma Welding Machine

Model: 009


> Advantage IGBT inveter techonology,DC out put high efficiency, energy-saving .
> O.H.  protaction . for  long-term useing. 
> Pretty appearancem ,stable, easily start arc,perfect molding.
> Adopt all kinds of acidic, alkaline welding rods. 
> Protable and light weight,easy carry .
> Use for altitud work, fieldwork, indoor fitment .

IGBT tube: Inverter argon arc welder produced with international advanced technology, which is the best IGBT.

Intelligent fan: Anti-electric shock, Automatically stop when accident events happen. 

Durable capacitor: Designer for welder, Endure high temperature, Long-lasting lifetime.

PC circuit board: High quality electronic component.

High quality radiator: Bigger size, Efficient heat radiate.

SMT control board: Self producing, efficient and durable.

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