Inverter Welding Machine

Inverter Welding Machine
List of Top 10 Best Inverter Welding Machine Brands in India. #1. Electra. Koko Tawa Weld Pvt. Ltd. wons the brand Electra. Electra is a Noida-based company. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of welding solutions to the customers. ...

1.Single board IGBT technology, energy-efficient and low noise.
2.Easy arc ignition, litter spatter and excellent welding performance.
3.Without compromising arc stability or increased spatter.
4.Safety protection against over current, over voltage and over heat.
5.Small and light, but still powerful.
6.Suitable for welding all kinds of acid and basic electrodes.

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Input voltage1X220/230/240V   50/60HZ
Input power capacity3.5KVA4.1KVA
No load voltage62V
Current Range10-160A10-200A
Rate duty cycle60%
Pro-gas flow time0-1S
Gas post flow time1-10S
Current down-slope time0-5S
SP value(balance)10-90%

Salient Features. Digital Inverter design control MIG/GMAW and FCAW welding outfit which offers stable, low spatter arc performance. Higher accuracy due to power SMD technology. Uniform wire feeding through dual gear driven drive. Automatic compensation f ...

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