Spot Welding Machine

Spot Welding Machine
Whether your instructional welding program involves the application of a stick, MIG, TIG, Wire, Multi-Process or Advanced Spot Welding Machine, Lincoln Electric has the most reliable equipment necessary for developing the professional skill all new, up-and-com ...

* The special design of one body tube cylinder can guarantee the welding stability and velocity
* Multi-pass water cooling system make sure the reliability of long time working.
* Spot and projection welding functions.
* Computer control system with steady-voltage and current, Multi-Time Discharge(MTD], can satisfy various working requirements
with ease.
* Can weld iron, copper, aluminum

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Rated Voltage3-Phase, AC, 380---415----480V, 50/60HZ.
Rated Capacity50KVA90KVA150KVA170KVA250KVA300KVA
Rated Duty Cycle50%50%50%50%50%50%
Max Welding Current18500A23500A32000A40500A56500A80000A
Electrode Stroke75MM100MM
Welding Arm Spacing260MM320MM
Air Source Pressure0.6MPa
Cooling Water Flow16L/Minute25L/Minute35 L/Minute45L/Minute

Y. Al-Douri, in Colloidal Metal Oxide Nanoparticles, 2020 3.2 Pulsed laser ablation. Pulsed lasers have high-energy pulses at high pulse power. This means that they are very well suited for cost-effective, low-heat spot welding and seam welding of almost ...

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